About us

The vision of two friends, Lorenzo and Víctor, from Florence and Seville respectively, who met in the latter's city and devised, together with their partners Ornella and María, an unprecedented international tapas concept that they felt was missing in the city.

So; After the creation and launch of Islamorada Tapas Bar in December 2019, other key profiles such as Daniel, Clara, Miguel or Alex joined the project, contributing significantly to the birth of other brands such as Gelateria MITO, KINU or RICCA; brands that also provided concepts never before seen in the city of Guadalquivir.

This is how MITO Gelateria was born at the hands of Maestro Gelataio Giuseppe Di Bella; providing a gelato recipe from three generations that has been captivating the most demanding palates of Florence and now also of Seville for decades. 

Today MITO has three stores and a fourth on the way with a production center of more than two hundred meters that will allow the brand to grow and, in turn, maintain the quality, flavor and processes necessary for this.

At the same time, the central Miguel de Mañara street saw the birth of the city's first omakase bar with KINU; whose reputation has earned recent recognition from the prestigious Repsol Guide. 

This brand, paradigm of the purest Japanese tradition, represents the ambition of a team led by our Head Chef Master Hoze who is hungry to demonstrate that it is a place worthy of pilgrimage for lovers of Japanese gastronomy.

The last to arrive has been Ricca Pizzeria which, inspired by KINU, has created on a spectacular red marble bar, what is the first omakase pizza tasting bar in the country where pizzaiolos like Cristian, Alessandro or Enzo alternate with Dalmiro and Stefano, to offer eight diners a unique experience based on pizza with seasonal ingredients imported from the transalpine country that are baked in Valoriani ovens, brought expressly from Figline Valdarno (Florence), to number 26 on the central Dos de Mayo street.

In addition to this bar; Ricca has a room with capacity for 50 people where, in addition to pizzas, there is a varied menu with other typical Italian dishes that can be accompanied by cocktails, wines and beers also from Italy and its most popular regions.

Today; There are more than 50 people who work every day with professionalism and enthusiasm to manage, consolidate and grow the authentic, different and honest concepts that make up La Bombonera Group.

Despite being born and based in Seville; The group has a determined commitment to its expansion and, when the opportune time comes, will take its concepts outside the limits of the capital of Seville, always under its founding principles that are composed of the exclusive use of high-quality raw materials, a specialized service and ultra-professional and the establishment of the different brands and their corresponding units in always central and unique locations in the city.

To be continue.