La Bombonera Group was established in 2019 in Seville, with the goal of introducing unique and novel hospitality concepts in the city.

This has led to projects such as KINU, which introduced the first Omakase bar in the city, or the Gelateria MITO, which brought to Sevilla the first gelatos preserved in carapinas by the hand of the maestro gelataio Giuseppe Di Bella.

A point of revolution in the conception of La Bombonera as a hospitality group.

A highly innovative aspect in the conception of La Bombonera as a hospitality group is the formation and management of its team. We build our team on the basis of the highest professional qualification of their profiles, that are maintained in the different business units thanks to salary conditions always above the market and variable remuneration systems according to billing (bonuses), in addition to other benefits such as health insurance private, gym and, of course, a detailed career plan that allows our employees to advance in the organizational chart of our company.

Currently, La Bombonera Group is engaged in designing other new, authentic, different and honest concepts and, at the same time, it is laying the foundations for the expansion plan outside Sevilla.